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ADDITIONS OR ALTERATIONS of a slip or walkway are expressly prohibited unless approved in writing by the Marina. In the event Marina approves an addition or alteration, said addition becomes the property of the Marina upon installation. All unauthorized additions or alterations will be removed with the Boat Slip Renter being assessed for the removal. Drawings and plans must be submitted to Marina Management and approved prior to any installation.

When a boat enters the harbor, it immediately comes under the general jurisdiction of the management. Any condition aboard any boat, which, in the opinion of management, constitutes a fire hazard, a health menace, or a danger to public safety or the marina facility must be corrected immediately by the owner. Refuse, oil, or combustible liquid is not Permitted on Docks or shorelines.

All vessels shall be properly maintained and kept in a clean and orderly condition as far as the exterior appearance is concerned. No laundering or drying of laundry, including swim suits and towels, is permitted on any deck, rigging of any vessel or on the common areas of the docks or fingers when the boat occupants are not present.

 All lease fees and charges must be paid by the due date.  Slip lease fees not paid by due date will result in daily charges for "unleased" usage of space at a rate of $1.50 per foot of boat length per day beyond the due date for all slips except side ties which will be charged at a rate of $1.00 per foot of boat length per day.

In the event that the condition of a vessel is such that there is an immediate danger to the public safety, navigation or the environment, the Marina may correct said condition by removing the vessel by any means the Marina deems appropriate. The Owner shall be responsible for all costs associated with said corrections. Boat Owners and Boat Slip Renters must maintain their vessel in a state of readiness for movement in case of fire or evacuation.

Advertising or soliciting is not permitted on any boat within the Marina. Owner may not conduct business or commercial enterprises within the Marina area.

The wake of all boats operated within the harbor limits must not cause damage or discomfort to berthed boats and their occupants. Owner must obey the No Wake Zone in the Marina at all times.

All boats docked in the harbor shall observe and comply with all health, safety and sanitary regulations governing the waterways, as well as all other applicable federal, state and local laws and regulations.

Owner must maintain his mooring lines for the safety and security of vessel.  Additional Dock Cleats may be provided for the safety and security of vessel.

Restrictions: (a) Subleasing of slips, or leasing, renting or chartering of boats is not permitted. (b) The Marina may reassign, for any reason and in its discretion, the slip assigned to the Owner, to a slip of equal or greater size, if the Marina requests, Owner shall move Owner’s boat to a new assigned slip. (c) BOATS OFFERED FOR SALE within the Marina slip lease area must be registered with the Marina’s Manager. Those Owners choosing not to list with the Marina’s Manager of record are prohibited from displaying signage promoting the sale of said boat. Solicitation of customers is also prohibited within the Marina lease area. Owners choosing not to list with the Marina’s Manager of record may advertise the sale of their vessel in print or other media not located within the Marina lease area. Prospective buyers responding to Owner of other broker promotion and seeking access to the boat must be accompanied personally by Owner and may not be accompanied by a broker or other representative. Agents, brokers or like associations are prohibited to operate within the Marina lease area unless prior written approval is granted by the Marina. The rules set forth in this section apply to the promotion and sale of boats, additions and accessories and include merchandise and or services. (d) If marina so dictates, Owner agrees to place, in areas on the boat acceptable to the Marina and that are visible from the header pier, boat identification stickers (e.g. Stickers with Marina boat identification numbers) provided by the Marina. The purpose of such stickers is to permit the Marina to determine if boats are moored in their proper slips. Upon receipt of this signed Agreement, boat identification stickers will be mailed to the Owner. (e) Advertising or soliciting is not permitted on any boat within the marina. Likewise, the Marina lease area shall never be used by Owner for taking in or discharging persons for hire, rental of boats or for public or freight carrying of any kind.

Transfer of boats between slips or from one slip space to another is prohibited without Management approval.

Refuse shall not be thrown overboard. Trash shall be deposited in container located in parking lot area for that purpose. No person shall pour oil, paint, spirits, flammable liquid or pump oily bilges in harbor areas.

Noise shall be kept to a minimum at all times. Patrons shall use discretion in operating engines, generators, radios and television sets, so as not to create a nuisance or disturbance. After the hour of 10:00 p.m., a state of general quiet shall prevail.

Pets are permitted in the Marina area only if they are enclosed or leashed and do not disturb other tenants. They shall be toileted on the West side of the Parking Lot Restroom land area and pet owners are responsible for cleaning up after their pets. Pets are not permitted to be tied on the dock, owners shall receive one warning before pet will not be permitted on dock. Any pet showing any type of aggression will be permanently banned from Marina facility and Marina Grounds for the safety of other customers.

Slip Lessees or others shall not store dinghies, refrigerators, freezers, air conditioners, accessories, tables,chairs or debris on fingers or main walkways or any way obstruct likewise.  Carpeting and Rugs are strictly prohibted on Dock Walkways and fingers. Any Carpeting and Rugs will be removed by management and disposed of in refuse dumpster.

Slip lessees or others may not store flammable items in lockers or storage areas. Any locker or storage area must remain open for fire marshal and safety inspections. Should Lessee or others elect to lock the locker under his/her control, a key must be provided to the Marina Office.

Extension Cords Are Strictly Prohibited on Docks, Extension cords will be confiscated upon discovery and may not be returned.

The use of motorized vehicles, golf carts, motor scooters, bicycles and air rifles is not permitted on Marina docks and ramps.  Motorized wheelchairs are an exception.

Subleasing of slips, transfer of boats between slips, or from one slip to another slip, shall not be allowed without Management approval. Owner agrees that in case of emergency or maintenance work on the space, Marina may move the boat from the particular space rented to any other mooring place, and owner releases Marina for any liability for loss or damages.

All personal property must be removed from docks and lockers when moorage rental is terminated.

No open flame (i.e. grills, torches, etc.) shall be permitted on any covered walkways, slips, docks or in or near any storage area, nor on the decks of any boat moored in a covered dock space. Fireworks are not permitted.

 Slip Renters shall maintain all areas leased to them in an appropriate and clean manner. No Fishing Line, Clothes Line, Flags, Streamers, Noodles or other floaties, Tires, or any other article that causes an unsightly scene may be used or left unattended in slip mooring area.


Electrical Metering Usage

 Agreement (Shore Power)

All slips with the exception of Side Tie slips have electric power available as part of the contract.  Usage will be billed monthly.  Additional outlets may be requested and may, at the slip lessee's expense, be installed by an electrical company appointed by the marina management. All shore power shall be read on a monthly basis by marina personnel, calculated at the current rate, and posted on the Marina website. Any accounts with outstanding balances and not paid in full by the next due date will be disconnected until bill is brought current.

The marina shall accept NO responsibility for electrical power disconnects, (IE. If you leave food in your refrigerator and your power is disconnected for non-payment, electrical outages, or any means beyond our control the Marina will not be held responsible,)

Dock Box Locations


Dock boxes are the responsibility of the slip customer, but must conform to the following:

  • All dock boxes must be white in color, fiberglass construction preferred.
  • Size must be no more than 24” tall, 24” wide, and 96” long
  • Mounting needs to be with 1/4” x 1-1/2” lag screws
  • Location is on the finger to the left for odd numbered slips and to the right for even numbered slips
  • Location must not prevent access from walkway to end of dock finger
  • Hinge and box needs to be on the side closest to your slip
  • If you have an extension on your slip, the dock box may be located on it. See Mgmnt.
  • Dock boxes may NOT have electrical power to them